Private parking


Private parking – Three-Star Sara Hotel

Our hotel has a large car parking beside the structure. Our private parking is a real convenience for those who choose to stay at our hotel because it allows an easy access for your own car and be able to leave in a secure place when you’d rather go out on foot or bicycle tours and walks.

Forget ZTL

The Limited Traffic Zone is an area where the access and the circulation of traffic are restricted to setted times or for particular users and vehicles. With this instrument the city of Caorle protect the high historical and tourist value of the city center providing benefits to the community and the environment. Thanks to our private parking facilities, free for all the guests who stay in our hotel, you can move on foot or by public transport in the city center without the hassle of parking your car in a forbidden area. For further information about getting around using the vehicles in the town of Caorle, visit LTZ Caorle.