Our history


Sara Hotel was born under a lucky star. The Nobel prize Ernest Hemingway reminded Sara Hotel in a novel. The Sara Hotel’s birth is to remember an old tale, when people worked with love. Thanks to the activity of the inhabitants and their love for the lagoon, a little fisherman’s house in Caorle has become an hotel. The warmth and dedication helped the owners a lot and soon the hotel has become a milestone in Caorle. The great attention to detail and exquisite interiors characterize the hotel’s rooms while constant friendliness and attentiveness towards the guests are priorities. He stayed inside a barrel on the lagoon’s water, during hunt, when Hemingway saw Caorle with its bell tower that breaks the sky. He stayed inside the barrel because it was used for ambush. I remember a place where, for many years, my family, my sister and I, have spent the summer. It was Sara Hotel. A place where the Mediterranean sun turn red the sea and becomes a part of you. I was enchanted to this amazing event. Maybe, I could walk on that multi coloured boardwalk up to the sea horizon. Then the water became transparent like the sea. I see also today the sun blaze on the calm water, I see the seagulls to fly, the rocks, the seaside with few houses, the fancy dock and boats. The sea, the seaside and the village that every year attract lots of tourists, lived bad times. Anyway, that magic atmosphere has remained the same still now. If you are going to walk across the village, you could see the typical houses with their vivid colours and discover the Saint Stephan’s Cathedral which represents a strange experience: it seems to live in another time. This tower bell is a unique monument in Caorle; it become episcopal seat in 579. During the VII century, because of barbarian invasion and a lot of wars between Byzantines and Longobards, lots of people who lived in the back country emigrated toward the seaside and built new villages. In the 1000 a.C., the villager built the St. Stephan Cathedral that remained the most important church till 1818. The tower bell is a very important example of Medieval architecture. It is the symbol of the town. The religious building are situated near the sea because many years ago, from Ravenna to Monfalcone, there was a big lagoon without ending and Caorle was a fisherman’s isle. Nowadays the port is situated in the centre of the town, and everyday the fishing boats unload fish boxes to the local market. Nearby the Madonna dell’Angelo church, that was built a long time ago and was venerated from fishermen, I found Antonio Gusso, the Sara Hotel founder, fifty-years ago, seeing the sea.